7 Reasons Why Diah By Mana is Perfect If You Want A Safe, Eco-friendly And Bright Diwali This Year

Eco-friendly, flameless LED lights are popular and for good reason. Research suggests that LED lights are 80% more capable of conserving energy than traditional lights. This makes LED lights efficient and eco-friendly.

And since Diwali is right around the corner, Diah by Mana, our creative, eco-friendly flat-packed paper LED can be a win for people celebrating Diwali this year.

And why should we buy Diah by Mana this Diwali?  


Because it’s not just an eco-friendly LED light, it’s a hassle free, well crafted light with immense long-term value. It’s perfect for a garden party or a romantic rendezvous and a spectrum of themed parties.

Further, this product is for the urban nomad, folks who DIY, people who like decorating their house, and practically, anybody with a window! And why should your window not get that extra streak of brightness this festive season?    

On that note, here are 7 compelling reasons why you should get this nifty LED light right now.


1. Diah By Mana is an eco-friendly LED light

Diah is a flat-packed paper LED light that is powered by two coin cell batteries and is armed to the teeth. These last anywhere from 1-3 days even on constant usage. You can also look out for our PET plastic Diahs called Diah Outdoor—crafted out of recycled plastic. It’s eco-friendly but has a touch of creativity!  

2. A minimalistic product

If you are a minimalist, then you will love this eco-friendly LED light! Diah by Mana answers the basics and that is “How can a product do more with less?”

The idea here was to create something that’s was light-weight and easy-to-assemble. A product that you can use anywhere and everywhere in your home (or outside), without sacrificing extra space.

They are flat, so they are nifty and will fit in the smallest of spaces.    

3. Creative and easy to use

What makes this flat-packed paper LED light unique is the fact that it’s easy to use, and the fun part? You can keep building them like Legos to make them wider too.

Wrap, hook or chain-links as many Diahs you want to make complex and creative lightscapes. Diah is a first of its kind hollow lights that lets you wrap or hook them anywhere.

Place them anywhere and don’t worry about them being put off by the wind. Also, you don’t have to worry about jack or sockets because it runs on batteries. If you are a DYI décor nerd, Diah by Mana is the one for you. Leave no corner unlit this Diwali.  

4. It will last you a lifetime and can be used for more than just Diwali

Diahs have a long shelf life because all you need to change are the cell batteries that are easily available. And they are really low maintenance.

It’s (Diah Original) made of premium kraft paper. While Diah Outdoor is crafted out of recycled plastic.

Also, you can reuse them for not just Diwali, but a romantic wine and dine at home, for your kid’s birthday parties and more!    

5. One affordable LED light

Starting at 9.99 USD (that’s roughly Rs 726.12) this LED gives you more bang for the buck because it’s a tea light, chandelier, fairy light, napkin ring and many more things in one.

6. Diah by Mana is childproof

Real diya’s can be dangerous during Diwali, especially if you have kids and toddlers in the house. Diah by Mana is 100% safe around children. They are so safe that your kids can help you decorate with them.     

7. Diah by Mana can be personalised as a Diwali gift too


Diah by Mana is not just an eco-friendly LED light that you can decorate your house with this Diwali, but you can gift it to someone this Diwali too. Need cute personalised messages on your Diah this Diwali? Yes, we can laser etch them on the product, no problem!

What do you think of this nifty eco-friendly light? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Avinash Kumai