At the workshop: Diah


For decades, light bulbs have defined the form of lighting products.

Now, with the rampant rise of LED technology there is no limit to what we can create. We are no longer bound by form, weight or even plug points.
(God bless batteries)

The floor is now open to creatively explore!

Our journey with Diah began by defying the current design language in the industry.

No, lights do not need to “look” a certain way.

No, lights do need to be hefty and sturdy.

No, lights do need to follow trends. The minute you find yourself following a trend, you’re already too late.

Yes, we need to do more with less.

Yes, we must redefine and explore how we can create minimal yet versatile products. 

Yes, we need to break the mould on ordinary packaging and explore forms that are unfamiliar to this industry.


Thanks to our in house 3D printer, we were able to prototype endless concepts. Tinkering with flexible PCB's gave us the opportunity to play with LEDs and this led us to create the world's first flat pack, omnidirectional light. That too in just under 20 grams of material.

That's what we call sustainable design.

What's most exciting about Diah is that it runs on basic high-school science. Connect these lights in series and voila, you have wider, brighter lights. 

Needless to say, we had an incredible time creating and evolving this concept for  our Kickstarter campaign. And we're humbled to be able to gather enough support from our awesome backers to help us make this little light a reality!

We have so much more in store! Stay tuned.