Build with Diah


Just like lego, Diah is a simple building tool that creates versatile lightscapes. For the lazy few [like us], just snap up, stack up and light up for a warm and ambient space.


But when we have guests to entertain, we love taking a little time to DIY different ways to set the mood. We grab some string, scissors and a cane basket, to quickly build a chandelier with a boho touch. 


You can also make lampshades with Diahs by connecting 2-3 together. Hang them with uneven lengths or tier them just like an upside down cake as a centrepiece to your room.
We like pairing these beautiful DIY chandeliers with some standalone Diahs that work perfectly as plant and napkin holders.


P.S: If you're sensing that these Diah lights look a little different from that on the shop page, you are quite right! Please note this version of Diah was our prototype model used for our kickstarter campaign.

The ones we're currently selling are way cooler and you can do all these fun #idiahs and more! 

Mandara Nagaraj