TOP 5 hacks for party ready decor with Diah Decorative Led Lights


Benjamin Norega-Ortiz, one of New York Spaces’ top 50 designers once said “Light is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space.” Indeed, the spark of light in a room full of ordinary is unparalleled by any. Using decorative led lights for home brings life to the dullest of spaces. Even a humble candlestick can radiate warmth and brightness to your surroundings. Whether you are moving homes or giving your current haven a makeover, nesting is always fun. Especially if this year is your turn to host the in-laws and/or your best friends.

Keeping fancy lights for home decoration part of your decor must-haves ensures you and your loved ones now have a space to unwind, catch up and relax. A space that now exudes serenity, style is now also an always-on photo-booth lit with smiles.

But with our lives running at breakneck speed, we rarely find the time to bust out our macrame kit and create that conversation piece for next week's game night. Our creative ‘nesting’ skills these days seem to be limited to cautious and very selective double tapping over 30 second DIY videos on Insta. Fortunately, there is a way to skip the glues and blues of DIY yet have the same unique decorative touch to your spaces. Here’s how we effortlessly decorate our spaces with lights for home decoration.

1. Branch-Out!

An outdoor brunch in your backyard is a good way of spending a sunny Sunday. Amidst the greenery and views, sits a picture perfect opportunity to lay down your finest china (or your latest thrift steals) to go with the occasion and music to tap your pretty toes to. To add something unique to your picturesque garden, its best to use the stray branches you’ve been meaning to cut early spring.

Diah can be easily clipped onto the branches of trees and hardy plants in your backyard to bring in a much needed ambience to your backyard brunching scene. You could also switch the classic napkin ring for a modern napkin holder thanks to Diah’s hollow and flexible design. These lights are suited for outdoor use, they are water resistant so you don’t have to worry about electric hazards or unexpected rainfall, it’s safe and durable to use.


2. Your very own #lit entrance

Give your guests a warm welcome by lighting up your walkway with Diahs that don’t just help save electricity but also, keep things neat and cable-free. Each piece of light placed at a suitable distance can do wonders to your venue be it a simple house party or your wedding aisle. Simple, affordable and trendy, you can even add a little zest to them by placing each of these decorative lights for home in a creatively designed paper bag.

3. String many for more joy

An easy way to exude elegance at your party venue is to cascade strings of decorative LED lights over your entryway, windows and door frames. You could even snap up Diahs and string several of them on colourful threads for a sparkly touch. Placing these LED fairy lights around the buffet area could transform your quaint house party into an exclusive and intimate gathering. Place Diahs around the dance floor to get your friends vibing and jiving. Check out other ways in which you can use Diah as the best solution for decorative LED lights for home interiors in our other article Build with Diah.


4. Unforgettable Party Favors

With Diah’s unique interaction design, you could make your guests party favour store an unexpected surprise. Roll up your party favours with a single Diah and save the time and energy spent on gift wrapping. Fix in a string of colourful LED’s into some of your old wine bottles with a customised message for your guests. This will make them feel excited and special at the cost of nothing, just pure heart and immense soul.

5. Get the perfect studio booth

Any party memory is stamped by that signature ‘wefie’ shot against a pinterest-worthy backdrop. You can have a perfectly lit spot for all the photos by adding a few Diah’s behind a plain white curtain. Hang in a few strings of green or simply attach a few props in the background to make sure your guests get the best photos at your party. LED lights add the perfect warmth to pictures, not just that, with LED lights in the background, you don’t need those filters. Using fancy lights for home decoration optimises the creative belonging you share with your personal space and the precious bonds you adore. The way you light up the world around you expresses how exuberant and graceful you are and immediately stands up for your commitment to the nature around you. That’s not all, when you’ve got the right set of decoration lights for home sweet home, you can be rest assured there ain’t going to be any crunch be it your wallet or your peace.

Mandara Nagaraj